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CernoTex™ AFP

Rimex Metals Group is proud to announce a complimentary addition to our family of specialised metal finishes with the launch of our new CernoTex™ AFP Coating product.

Staying Clean for Longer

Rimex now has the ability to apply CernoTex™ – a ceramic, nanocoated, anti-fingerprint film which greatly enhances the aesthetic quality of the product by significantly reducing the adhesion of fingerprints and markings on stainless steel sheets. It is also extremely easy to clean any dirt that does appear over time.

Below you can watch a video demonstration of a Satin finish without and with CernoTex™.

Where and on what can CernoTex™ be used?

CernoTex™ is ideal for use in interior applications, especially high ‘touch traffic’ areas, on a range of our natural, coloured surface and patterned stainless steel finishes. This includes our Hairline, Satin, Granex™, VorTex™ for surface finishes and for patterned finishes, Canvas, Linen, Sandstar, Squares are good candidates for CernoTex™ treatment.

CernoTex™ is applied to flat sheets but still displays good fabrication characteristics meaning that bending to a desired form is still possible. We have successfully tested 180-degree bends with no cracking or peeling of the CernoTex™ layer.

CernoTex™ has been successfully tested for cutting with fibre and CO2 lasers as well as blanking, using punch and die techniques.

The science behind the ceramic nanocoat

In short, we achieve this protective ceramic nanocoat through a chemical process known as the ‘Sol-Gel Process’ which is a method of utilising wet chemistry to synthesise thin, dense, hard coatings with glass or ceramic like properties.

CernoTex™ Product Benefits

  • Superb for interior applications.
  • Keeps metal products in pristine aesthetic condition.
  • Significant reduction in fingerprints and grease.
  • Good fabrication characteristics.
  • Perfect for high pedestrian areas.
  • Low surface energy (Hydrophobic) – highly repellent of liquid.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to easier cleaning when compared to non-CernoTex™ treated surfaces.