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Environmental Policy

Since 1959, Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd has manufactured a range of metal finishes which enhance the performance, functionality and / or appearance of its customer’s products.

Like any industrial concern, Rimex Metal’s manufacturing processes can have a potential impact on the environment and consequently the Company is committed to minimising any such effect. In particular, the Company is committed to:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and, where appropriate, the environmental regulations of its customers and suppliers.
  • Reducing environmental risks on site so that the likelihood of a pollution incident is prevented.
  • Continually improving the Company’s resource efficiencies by using less materials and energy and producing less waste.

The Company’s environmental objectives and targets are monitored on an annual basis to best manage and reduce any potential impact to the environment. The Company’s management is currently focused upon:

  • The improvement of overall operating efficiencies at Aden Road.
  • Minimising the release of wastewater to sewer.
  • Improving the efficiency of its effluent plant.
  • A reduction of water usage where practical.
  • Minimising waste generation and reducing the volume of waste that goes to landfill.
  • Ensuring the efficient planning of transport to and from our site
  • Minimising the use and disposal of packaging consistent with protecting our products
  • Ensuring that we consider the ethical and environmental impacts of our supply chain
  • Maintaining ISO14001 certification of our environmental management system
  • Maintaining the practice of best available technique with respect to emissions from the Company’s manufacturing processes.
  • Improving energy efficiencies within the company and reducing CO2 emissions.

The commitments in this published policy are managed and delivered through the Company’s ISO14001 - certified environmental management system which is reviewed by relevant management on a quarterly and annual timetable and which is monitored by the Environment Agency and our external Auditors. Our overall intention is to continually improve our environmental management system in order to enhance our environmental performance.

Date: March 2021
Review date: April 2022