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Refrigeration & Catering

Rimex Metals Group is able to provide a vast array of high-quality, dynamic specialised finishes to stainless steel. Having been established for over 60 years, we have gained a long-standing reputation in the metal finishing industry and are recognised as a reliable manufacturer and supplier.

Our patterned stainless-steel finishes are ‘food safe’ as they do not harbour dirt and germs. Consequently, we have achieved NSF certification in the USA for our stainless-steel products as ‘suitable for use in direct contact with food’.

Patterned stainless steel is
durable and 'food safe'

From panelling for cold rooms and walk-in coolers to chilled/refrigerated display units and deli counters, nothing reflects good taste and hygiene better than our streamlined, modern stainless-steel surface finishes.

Our patterned stainless-steel products are more durable than plastics and laminates, resisting scratches and dents to keep equipment looking great for longer.

Longevity with patterned stainless steel

Our products are widely used for catering vehicles where hygiene is extremely important. It’s also a very practical material to use in vehicles with its long lifespan properties.

Adding something
extra to white goods
product design with our
ColourTex® Black Satin

Our coloured stainless-steel finishes whether that be from the ColourTex® or T22™ ranges are a great choice for adding that something extra to the design of white goods from the everyday, standard, common and plainer finishes.

Beyond that, our products are also great for enhancing kitchens from the walls, to splashbacks, cooker hoods and shelving.

ColourTex Rosy Gold Quilted wall.

Granex tiling and cooker hood.

Fridge / freezer, oven and
cooker hood made with Granex.

We also sell a variety of patterns that operate as an effective tread-plate, including a product called TreadTex™ that is widely used to provide a stable footing in challenging environments or even just used for general safety on stairways.

Varying lighting conditions can give stainless-steel products a personality of their own; whether this is in the background or as a dominant aesthetic force ‘front-of-house’.

Our specialised patterns and surface finishes in stainless steel can also provide some control as to how much light reflects.

Superb lighting effects possible

Refrigeration & Catering Product Benefits

  • Stainless steel has a long lifespan.
  • Aesthetically pleasing state-of-the-art finishes.
  • Gloss / reflectivity control.
  • Hygienic for food contact.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Easy to fabricate.
  • Stainless steel is an inherently green product.
  • Very recyclable.